Why choose a Yamatoya High Chair for your baby?

  1. From baby to adulthood: All our wooden high chairs are adjustable. It can be modified to be used by babies, kids and adult
  2. Bring your child to the table: The baby table can be turned back or removed when not in use so your child can eat with the whole family on the dinner table.
  3. Quality furniture for a lifetime of memories: Yamatoya is celebrating 96 years of making babies and kids' furniture in Japan.


Yamatoya High Chairs are available in three varients (Sukusuku+, Affel, and Materna).


About this Materna High Chair:

  • Comes with Table
  • Dimensions: H 81 x W 50 x D 58.5 cm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Maximum Load: 80kg
  • Material: Beach Wood
  • Number of Adjustable Seat Levels: 7 Levels
  • Safety Chair Belt: Included
  • Silicone Table Mat: Not Included. Available for separate purchase.
  • Chair Cushion: Not included. Available for separate purchase.


1) For wood products, size and weight may vary.

2) The color of the actual product may look slightly different from the photos.

3) Each natural wood has a different grain and texture.

4) Painted products with visible grain may appear different in color depending the part of the grain.

5) Attention stickers are attached to the actual product. Do not remove it for safety reasons.

Yamatoya Materna High Chair - Gray


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